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i’m already excited for Kick Ass 2! 


Flickering Lights Reprise  (x)

give me all the flickering lights!

tiny specs of fluttering rays

and city glitters shimmering

but only from far away.

i want them all it’s an addiction

i want the christmas lights buried in snow

and the blips in science fiction

films from years ago. 

give me all the night sky’s twinkling sprinkles

and the red pulsing eyes

on tvs that standby

fading, flirting in and out

like a game of cat and mouse.

bits of foil in the distance

blowing kisses from the sun to me and

showing no resistance to the photons

that consistently pass notes on

from one lover to the other

like cupids tiny brothers.

give me all the flickering lights.

light every candle and wave every phone

glinting and bleeping and

imprintining glowing circuses

that linger while I’m sleeping.

an orchestra of weeping light

swan singing like star crossed choirs

who play themselves to me

all night.

poem by wirrow.


(Source: dicapriod)


Finally started watching “Twin Peaks”. How can I finish assignments now? 

love u guys so much. 

craving for doughnuts :9 


suddenly i felt like going back to 90’s and try all of them like I used to. 

craving for sweets. 

i know it seems crazy but there you go!